Karen is inspired  by the teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar, which encourage yoga to be accessible to all, and which recognise the importance of yoga practices beyond the purely physical. Her own practice and teaching are  influenced by the intention of undoing tensions and finding ease within the body, breath and mind. She has explored these ideas under the guidance of John Stirk, Peter Blackaby and other Scaravelli-inspired teachers. She also has an interest in the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and has begun to integrate feldenkrais awareness through movement into her own practice and teaching where appropriate.
Karen  studies and practices  mahamudra meditation  (from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition) under the guidance of Maarten Vermasse, as well as regularly attending insight (vipassana) meditation retreats and mindfulness-based training workshops.
She  has trained to deliver the highly-recognised 8-week Mindfulness for Wellbeing course.